How to Deal with the Dilemmas of HIV Dating?

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hiv dating advice Dating is challenging for anyone, however, HIV positive dating can seem as if you are attempting advanced physics with just an elementary knowledge of arithmetic. Suddenly, you are expected to grasp the complicated formulas that come HIV dating and relationships. How do you discuss safety and sex with your partner? When should you disclose your status? HIV definitely makes finding the right partner challenging but with the following tips, you can have an easier time dating.

Avoid making HIV such a big deal – When you are uncomfortable with HIV, your partner will also likely not be comfortable. However, if you are straightforward about your status as well as staying safe, chances are that your partner will be at ease as well. HIV positive dating does not require you pleading with your partner to date you because of your status. Realize that you are still a valuable member of society and you offer real value to the relationship.

Disclose your status early in the relationship – For HIV positive dating to work, you must disclose your HIV status early on. You do not want a situation where you are too invested first before disclosing your status. Avoid wasting time dating someone who may possibly be the type of uninformed jerk who could reject you due to your status. If you inform your partner early on, and he or she decides against HIV dating, you have not lost anything. In fact, you are free to pursue other plans and continue your search for the right partner.

Start by disclosing your status to your family and friends – For those who have not yet disclosed their status to their families, it will usually be hard to enter the HIV dating field. Having a good support system is vital to any effective romantic relationship, regardless of health status. You must have close friends and family to talk to about your HIV positive dating progress and hesitations. Get comfortable talking to the people you already have in your life, and then you can think about adding someone else into the mix.

HIV positive dating without expectations – Always keep in mind that you are far better off staying alone than being with someone who judges you due to your status. Regardless of how lonely and desperate, you think your situation is getting into a relationship with a wrong partner is even worse. If your partner has a bad or negative reaction when you disclose your status, consider yourself fortunate to have missed a bullet, as it would only have gotten worse.

In conclusion, HIV dating should be a positive experience for everyone, regardless of their status. Remember that the reasons for any stigma are usually due to the HIV disease and not you as a person.

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