HIV Dating and Sex: When and How to Talk about it

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hiv dating Finding a sexual companion or even love can be difficult for everybody, but for those that have been diagnosed with HIV, things become even harder. It is frustrating to limit your options or forget everything about sex and dating, just because you have a health issue. This is why HIV dating online has become a popular method for getting HIV positive singles together. Without any judgment and without the awkwardness that comes with immediate disclosure before any sexual contact, this can bring you closer to your true love or just a fling. Either way, it is worth it!

Everybody Can Join

Online HIV dating sites allow you to be yourself and find persons that share your own interests, problems and concerns in life. There are many couples that have found love online and are now living happily together. Since Medicine has come such a long way, it is possible that those who have been diagnosed as HIV positive live long and happy lives just like everyone else in the world. So this means that HIV dating is not off the table for you or for anyone else. Although some rules need to be followed, this does not mean that you should not go out and meet people.

Join the community and start talking with others, having fun and possibly going on dates. There is nobody rushing you to do anything, but companionship is always a wonderful experience. Getting the chance to start a relationship with somebody you can talk to about everything sounds amazing, right? Well, you can do it too. Just complete your profile and let others know you are here, looking for something to lighten up your days and nights. There are plenty of others with the same eagerness for sure.

The Importance of Honesty

Even on these sites, however, it is important that you are honest and straightforward. You should inform your date on your diagnosis, especially if you are interested in getting intimate. There is nothing wrong in sharing this information, and it should not make you feel bad. The truth is that by sharing, you convey the message that you respect not only your well-being but others’ as well. Even though HIV has been a taboo for many years, things have changed and now HIV positive singles ought not to feel stigmatized.

HIV Dating and Sex

If you are not planning to get intimate, it is up to you if you want to disclose your diagnosis with your date. But always keep in mind that there is a thin line that can easily be crossed and cause problems. So it is always advisable, to be honest and tell your date about HIV, with or without sex.

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