HIV Positive Dating Advice

Top Five HIV Dating Sites for Black Singles

The process of finding ‘someone special’ is not as easy as most people make it out to be and being HIV positive can make it feel impossible. To help black singles who are HIV positive, there is now HIV dating sites that will match you with other singles. Here are the top HIV dating sites for black dating... Read More>>

HIV Dating in UK - HIV Dating Advice

Dating when you are HIV positive has never been easy, but this does not mean that you should not do it. Despite how challenging it can be to find the right person that will make you happy, there are more reasons why you should date. There are people out there looking for someone like you. There are various ways that you can increase your chances of finding the ideal person such as registering on HIV positive dating sites...Read More>>

Positive Singles- Your Ultimate HIV Dating App

Positive singles is your go to dating site if you are tired of staying alone and are interested in finding someone to spend your days with. Sometimes you just get tired of staying alone just because you can’t find someone to relate with. This site allows you to interact with other people that have similar challenges as you. The story of a great love is often told mostly without the intimidating dating process...Read More>>

3 Important Steps for HIV Dating

People suffering from the HIV condition are well-deserving of a happy and normal life. Dating and finding the perfect partner of your life is a normal part of the human culture, and that part is also experienced by people with HIV. With an ample education, understanding, and acceptance, HIV dating is for the most part, similar with a normal dating experience. People with this condition will typically enjoy a fulfilling and fun date. They love to watch movies, go on a vacation, swim, and dance...Read More>>

HIV Dating: 3 Simple Tips to Start a Conversation

HIV positive singles often deal with a lot of discomfort when it comes to first dates. It is perfectly OK to feel a bit nervous before a date that might change your whole life. However, you should not let this nervousness get the best of you. Instead, you need to be prepared and live up to the challenges of the first date. You only have one moment to shine and that moment is on your fist date...Read More>>

HIV Dating and Sex: When and How to Talk about it

Finding a sexual companion or even love can be difficult for everybody, but for those that have been diagnosed with HIV, things become even harder. It is frustrating to limit your options or forget everything about sex and dating, just because you have a health issue. This is why HIV dating online has become a popular method for getting HIV positive singles together...Read More>>

Dating and Having a Romance woman from HIV Dating Sites

There are a lot of social stigmas about HIV, as there is not a lot of information about being HIV positive and HIV as a whole. This leaves most people with HIV off of dating sites, as they are scared of telling their date that they are HIV positive. Now, there is HIV dating sites that allow both people who are HIV positive and negative to date. Here are some tips for HIV positive dating...Read More>>

5 Things You're Doing Wrong While Dating with HIV singles

HIV should never be used as one of the factors that help you figure out whether your partner is a good physical and emotional measure. If every other part of the relationship seems to be going okay from similar tastes, mutual respect, and sexual attraction, then you would both be fools to allow mismatched HIV status to get in the way of your happiness...Read More>>

5 Online Dating Features for HIV Singles That Actually Help

Having to live with the terrible HIV condition is without a doubt depressing enough, let alone having to manage your love life at the same time. However, you shouldn’t get discouraged for one bit as the world of online dating has already found the solution for HIV Singles who are having hard times getting someone to accept them as they are...Read More>>

How to Deal with the Dilemmas of HIV Dating?

Dating is challenging for anyone, however, HIV positive dating can seem as if you are attempting advanced physics with just an elementary knowledge of arithmetic. Suddenly, you are expected to grasp the complicated formulas that come HIV dating and relationships. How do you discuss safety and sex with your partner...Read More>>

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