How to Date an HIV Positive Person

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hiv dating site While there are frantic efforts to curb the spread of HIV among the young and the old globally, there has been extensive research to find a cure for HIV. However, with the recent drugs that have been developed, people who test positive for HIV can live a normal life for many years. Do you know that many people with HIV live even longer than they were supposed to live? This is because they tend to pay particular attention to their health and lifestyle. People who are HIV positive also need love and care because while they take the drugs, they are no different from other people walking down the street. Dating a person who is HIV positive is possible, and many people have successfully maintained a good relationship even after one of the couples tested positive for HIV.

Dating an HIV positive person will be one of your best experiences yet if you have met a nice person who will love you and is caring. All it takes is for both people to have a good knowledge of HIV and what they can or cannot do at the moment. Many young women fall in love with men who are HIV positive. I had heard of cases where the relationship had already started before they realized the man was HIV positive. It is also possible to have a lasting and enjoyable relationship while dating HIV positive man.

If you are falling in love or thinking of dating an HIV positive man or woman, the following tips will help you establish the relationship of your dreams.

Accepting your partner regardless of their status

You must learn to look past their situation and accept them. Dating an HIV positive person can be all you ever wanted in a relationship. Once you learn to accept the situation, you will be free to love your friend and start a relationship.

Educate yourself

People who are HIV already have some necessary information that they can share with their partners; you should also find out what you can or cannot do while in the relationship. For example, you will need to avoid coming in contact with their body fluids which contain the virus such as blood, and semen/or vaginal fluids.

Learn about HIV transmission

You should also learn about the various ways through which people can become infected with the HIV while dating an HIV person.

Be free and happy

It is a relationship like any other. Go out on dates, go on holidays, and enjoy yourselves. Find out what they like and make them happy, your efforts will be reciprocated by overwhelming love and care.

Help you partner adhere to the treatment

You can have a smooth relationship while dating an HIV positive person by encouraging them to take their drugs and visit the hospital for their regular checks. Do you know that some people earlier diagnosed to be HIV positive end up being ‘undetectable?’ this means the virus cannot be found in their blood. It can happen when the person takes good care of themselves and regularly takes their drugs.

We find love in the weirdest places sometimes, if you find out the person you are in love with is HIV positive, nothing will change. You can have the best relationship with them.

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