3 Important Steps for HIV Dating

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hiv dating People suffering from the HIV condition are well-deserving of a happy and normal life. Dating and finding the perfect partner of your life is a normal part of the human culture, and that part is also experienced by people with HIV. With an ample education, understanding, and acceptance, HIV dating is for the most part, similar with a normal dating experience. People with this condition will typically enjoy a fulfilling and fun date. They love to watch movies, go on a vacation, swim, and dance. Here are the steps that you need to take when you are into HIV positive dating site.

3 Steps for HIV Dating

You finally think that you were able to meet the right person. He shares the same level of interest on the things you love, you get to enjoy each other’s company, and he values your relationship, the same way you do. Then he told you that he is infected with HIV, what do you think you are going to do next? Here are the steps that you need to take when going into HIV dating.

Step #1: Discussing the Health Issue

The first ever step that you need to take is to consider the health condition of your HIV Dating partner. This condition can be transmitted during intimate contact. Commonly, the first thing you need to do is to ask about their status. Some of them have a problem in disclosing their status. In case your relationship is leading to intimacy, both of you need to be tested. You need to agree with each other that you will disclose the information with each other.

Step #2: Understanding the Proper Treatment

In case you found your partner in an HIV positive dating sites, you need to make sure that they are getting the proper treatment for their condition. By ensuring the proper therapy, the amount of viral infection can be exponentially reduced (up to the level where they are undetectable). This will not only keep the partner safe it also ensures the health of the person infected. In case the person infected is neglecting his therapy, this can start a problem for the HIV dating partner. The health of the infected individual can deteriorate faster, and the other person is highly at risk in being infected too.

Step #3: Avoiding the Infection

When you are into HIV positive dating sites, you need to be aware on how you can avoid being infected. HIV can be generally transmitted with body fluids such as breast milk, vaginal fluid, semen, blood and other body fluids that contain blood. Saliva does not expose you to the risk of infection, but deep kissing can increase the possibility if the infected person has a bleeding gum. Daily contact will not be able to transmit the HIV infection.

HIV dating is similar with the average type of dating. By understating the steps that we provided above, you will be able to enjoy your relationship just like a normal person.

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