The best time to tell your partner that you have HIV

tell hiv Finding out that you're having HIV while in a relationship can be devastating. People in a relationship often find it difficult to confess that they’ve been diagnosed with HIV. On the other hand, there is always a fear of being rejected by someone whom you love. Some people might also be worried about having transmitted the virus to their companion.

In case you have a monogamous relationship, and you were affected with HIV due to sexual activity outside the relationship, there is an additional concern of having to disclose your HIV status.

Discussing about your HIV status with your partner can be a very difficult situation for both of you, and may bring about strong emotions from both ends. Accepting the fact that you're affected with an incurable disease is certainly not something that can be easily accepted. Some people find it extremely awkward to discuss about their HIV condition and simply choose to break up with their partners. However, this isn't the solution and you'd always need emotional support when you're looking to live a healthy and normal life.

Experts say that there is nothing wrong in seeking help when you're diagnosed with HIV. In addition to local HIV clinics, there are various HIV organizations that can help you deal with the symptoms associated with HIV. That’s not all; you can also start an antiretroviral therapy to deal with the symptoms associated with the infection.

Confessing that you're affected with HIV would be fairly easy during the initial stages of a relationship, when you're getting to know each other and there is little mutual admiration. According to dating experts, depending on how well you’ve got to know each other, the 3rd, 4th and 5th date is ideal to reveal your HIV status. In case the person has really fallen for you, he or she would make an effort to understand what you're going through and make a genuine effort to help you lead a life of contentment.

Besides, you will also have to find a suitable place to have a discussion on this. Choosing a busy and crowded place wouldn’t be the best choice. Similarly, confessing after having sex isn't how you should go about the issue.

Rejection is something you'd have to get familiar with while dating with HIV. It is important to bear in mind that rejections are part of a relationship and there would always be someone who'd accept you the way you are. If you're looking to ditch having ‘the talk’, the best way would be to get onto a reliable dating site exclusively for people with HIV. This way you'd only be connecting with HIV – positive singles who'd know exactly what you're going through and give plenty of support.

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